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Übersetzungen für empire im Französisch» Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online:empire, empire colonial, le premier/second Empire, l'Empire byzantin. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'empire' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch . Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache und. Magst Du Strategiespiele? Dann ist diese Website wie für Dich gemacht! Entdecke schnell Goodgame Empire, dieses kostenlose mittelalterliche Empire Game. Es war erst anlässlich der Anschläge vom Da das Imperium derart viele Ressourcen für Operationen auf dieser entlegenen Welt aufbringt, stellen sich republikanische Anführer und Mitglieder des Hohen Rats der Jedi die Frage, ob sie nicht vielleicht etwas viel Wertvolleres verloren haben, als sie bislang glaubten … LucasArts www. Wie gefällt Ihnen das Online Wörterbuch? Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Order of the British Empire [ Abk.: Hier sehen Sie Ihre letzten Suchanfragen, die neueste zuerst. Auf diese Weise errichtest und verwaltest Du Dein eigenes Wirtschaftssystem, ein effizientes System mit einer eigenen Währung: Als Alexander, der von ihm Weltreich träumte, nach einigen siegreichen, aber unter hohen Verlusten geschlagenen Schlachten auch noch ganz Indien erobern wollte, meuterte das Heer, das nun schon fast 10 Jahre fern von der Heimat kämpfte. Wie finde ich die neuen Satzbeispiele? Hier ist sicherlich der Artikel verwechselt worden. Empire den Empirestil or oder od die Empiretracht betreffend.

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Consumers receive free in-game items as well as free play of premium games courtesy of brand advertisers. Within a seven-year span, Denmark , the Habsburg monarchy , and France had been vanquished.

The empire had its origin not in an upwelling of nationalist feeling from the masses but through traditional cabinet diplomacy and agreement by the leaders of the states in the North German Confederation, led by Prussia, with the hereditary rulers of Bavaria , Baden , Hesse-Darmstadt , and Württemberg.

Prussia, occupying more than three-fifths of the area of Germany and having approximately three-fifths of the population, remained the dominant force in the empire until its demise at the end of World War I.

The German Empire was founded on January 18, , in the aftermath of three successful wars by the North German state of Prussia. Within a seven-year period Denmark, the Habsburg monarchy, and France were vanquished in short, decisive conflicts.

The Schleswig-Holstein question , which had threatened the balance of power in northern Europe for more than a decade, took on a new dimension with the cession of Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia.

The Prussian parliament had been dissolved at the beginning of the war, and new elections were held on the day of the Battle of Königgrätz July 3, The liberals in the parliament had a reduced majority, and they were now split in their attitude to Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck; his success had shaken their liberal principles.

The moderates broke away from the Progressives Deutsche Fortschrittspartei to form the National Liberal Party , a party in which liberalism was subordinated to nationalism.

Bismarck, on his side, made a conciliatory gesture by asking for an act of indemnity for the unconstitutional collection of taxes since the beginning of the parliamentary struggle with Prussian King William I in This act was passed on September 3, , by a vote of to It was a decisive step in German history.

Instead of a struggle for power, there was henceforth compromise. The capitalist middle classes ceased to demand control of the state, and the crown and the Junker governing class conducted the state in a way which suited middle-class needs and outlook.

However, the decision of September 3, , was not undone, and Germany did not become a constitutional monarchy. With the decisive defeat of Austria, Prussia was now the sole power in Germany.

He also dreaded the possibility of inflammation of radical feeling in a unitary German state. Therefore he tried to change as little as possible, and the North German Confederation which he created in had curious echoes of the Austrian-dominated German Confederation which had vanished in Indeed, Bismarck still thought of German unification as primarily an affair of foreign policy: German interests could best be represented by a single, united power abroad.

However, since this domination was exercised in the interests of conservatism , he expected little change. The federal constitution which he hastily drafted early in was not a sham.

It contained genuine federal guarantees for the individual states. Nevertheless, it was a pretense in that the reality on which it rested was not federal.

A federation must be an association of states more or less equal in power. In the North German Confederation, Prussia overshadowed the other parties so decisively that Prussian will was always likely to prevail.

The federal constitution was adopted by the North German Reichstag on April 17, Four years later it became, almost without change, the constitution of the German Empire.

Two principles were balanced against each other—the sovereignty of the German states and the national unity of the German people.

In constitutional theory the first carried the day. The Bundesrat Federal Council , its members nominated by the state governments, initiated laws, conducted the federal government, and could alter the constitution by a two-thirds majority.

Prussia, which had 17 members out of 43, could thus veto any constitutional change. The king of Prussia, as president of the federation, nominated the chancellor , who was to carry out federal affairs under the direction of the Bundesrat.

The Reichstag, on the other hand, elected by direct universal manhood suffrage , was strictly limited to legislative activities.

There was no provision by which it could interfere with the activities of the federal government. Yet, despite these provisions, the Bundesrat soon lost all importance, and the German government became as much in need of a parliamentary majority as if Germany were a thoroughly liberal state.

The federal element counted for more in the sphere of administration, where there was a real division of duties. The federal authority controlled foreign affairs, the army, and economic affairs, and there was to be a single judicial system and a single legal code.

The states conducted ordinary administration and remained in control of educational and religious matters. In July Bismarck offered to all German states a new customs union on condition that they accepted a customs parliament.

As this parliament was to consist of the members of the North German Reichstag with members from southern Germany added, this was, in essence, a way of smuggling in German unity by a side door.

The North German Confederation was regarded by many, including Bismarck, as a halfway house to German unification which would stand for a long time.

Indeed, between and the movement for German unity lost ground in southern Germany. Luxembourg had been a member of the old confederation, and a Prussian garrison still remained there.

Napoleon III proposed to buy the grand duchy from its ruler, the king of the Netherlands. The response was an outcry in Germany and questions in the Reichstag.

Bismarck felt that no essentially German issue was at stake and probably held too that Prussia was not ready for a new war.

There was an uproar in Germany and other European powers protested. After a conference in London , Luxembourg became an independent neutral state with its fortifications dismantled.

Thereafter Napoleon sought more actively for an alliance with Austria but without effect. Early in Bismarck made a move against France which has been variously interpreted.

Bismarck hinted unofficially to the provisional rulers of Spain that they should offer the throne to Prince Leopold von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen , a member of the Roman Catholic branch of the Hohenzollern family.

It has been argued that Bismarck gave this advice in order to provoke France into war and that he was driven to do so by the trend of opinion hostile to Prussia in southern Germany, There is little evidence for this.

It is just as likely that he promoted the candidature to increase the prestige of the Hohenzollern dynasty or to keep out some rival prince.

At all events, he could not have foreseen the folly of the French government, which deliberately forced a crisis when it had already received satisfaction.

They were to know nothing until Prince Leopold was actually elected. There were wild protests in Paris and an immediate demand that Leopold be ordered to withdraw.

This was not enough for the French government, and it insisted that King William , as head of the Hohenzollern family, should promise that the candidature would never be renewed.

This demand was presented to the king at Ems by the French ambassador, Vincent Benedetti , on July Though William refused to give a promise, he dismissed Benedetti in a friendly enough way.

This version provoked a French declaration of war on July Though the war was perhaps not planned by Bismarck, it was certainly not unwelcome to him.

The French had supposed that they would take the offensive. Instead, after a trivial victory at Saarbrücken , the French armies under Patrice de Mac-Mahon were defeated on the frontiers at Wissembourg August 4 and Wörth August 6.

The main French army under Mac-Mahon at first retreated and then attempted to pass the flank of the German forces in order to relieve Metz.

This army was surrounded at Sedan and on September 2 forced to surrender. That brought the overthrow of Napoleon and the establishment of a provisional government in Paris.

The new government was resolved not to surrender any French territory, and the war was therefore continued.

Strasbourg surrendered on September 28 and Metz on October The German armies were then free to press the siege of Paris throughout the winter.

An armistice was then concluded and a French national assembly elected which had to authorize the conclusion of peace.

Preliminary terms were agreed to by Jules Favre on February 26, and the final peace treaty was signed at Frankfurt am Main on May France had to cede Alsace and most of Lorraine , including Metz, its capital.

Bismarck seems to have doubted the wisdom of such excessive demands but was overborne by the German generals. On their prompting he also demanded Belfort , but he abandoned this demand in exchange for a victory march by the German army through the streets of Paris.

France had also to pay an indemnity of five billion francs , and the Germans remained in occupation of part of France until the amount was paid.

During the war, negotiations were pushed on for the uniting of all Germany outside Austria. In September a conference of Prussia , Bavaria , and Württemberg met at Munich to discuss the terms of unification.

Otto von Bray-Steinburg, the Bavarian prime minister , held out against any real union and demanded special treatment for Bavaria.

Bismarck turned his flank by securing the incorporation of Baden into the North German Confederation. Bavaria and Württemberg then negotiated separate treaties of union, which were concluded at the end of November.

Some Bavarian wishes were fulfilled. Bavaria and Württemberg kept their own postal and telegraph services and were able to levy taxes on beer and brandy.

Bavaria also kept its own army in peacetime. In one relatively insignificant concession , a committee of the Bundesrat under Bavarian chairmanship was to advise the chancellor on questions of foreign policy; the advice was seldom sought and never taken.

There remained the question of a name for the new state. Bismarck wished to revive the title of emperor, a proposal most unwelcome to William.

With great adroitness Bismarck maneuvered one against the other and actually induced Louis to press the imperial title on William.

The proposal was seconded by the other German princes and supported by the North German Reichstag; the leader of the Reichstag deputation was Eduard Simson, who had offered the imperial crown to Frederick William IV in on behalf of the Frankfurt assembly.

William could hold out no longer. He was proclaimed German emperor at Versailles on January 18, The remaining formalities were few.

A Reichstag was elected from all Germany, and this Reichstag accepted the constitution of —with concessions to Bavaria—as the imperial constitution on April 14, The new Reich consisted of 4 kingdoms, 5 grand duchies, 13 duchies and principalities, and 3 free cities Hamburg, Lübeck , and Bremen.

Alsace-Lorraine was treated as a conquered province. It was made a Reichsland and ruled by an imperial governor, or Statthalter.

In theory this was a temporary settlement, but Alsace-Lorraine never developed the German loyalty which would have qualified it for autonomy.

The constitution left open the great question of the powers of the Reichstag over the executive. The question was symbolized in two forms: As to military credits, Bismarck tried to include the sums necessary for an army of , men as a permanent grant in the constitution and thus exempt from parliamentary criticism or control.

He failed to carry this and had to agree to a compromise, the Septennat , by which military credits were to be voted for seven years—hence, the political crises which occurred every seven years, when artificial alarm had to be created in order to renew the army grant.

Bismarck had been on bad terms with the Prussian Junkers, represented by the conservative parties, since , and the estrangement was completed by the creation of the empire.

Only a small group, the Deutsche Reichspartei German Imperial Party , composed mainly of officials, remained loyal to him.

On the other hand, the National Liberals were more enthusiastic for Bismarck than ever before, and from to they formed almost a government party.

Bismarck discussed proposals for legislation with their leader, Rudolf von Bennigsen , and the National Liberals supported his general conduct of policy.

Moreover, in the first years, the National Liberals managed to win more votes than any other single party despite universal suffrage.

Only in did it become clear that a purely middle-class party could not keep its hold on peasant and working-class voters.

Thus the first period of the empire was the great age of liberal reform. Germany was given at a stroke uniform legal procedure , uniform coinage, and uniform administration.

An imperial bank was created, most restrictions on freedom of enterprise and freedom of movement were removed, and limited companies and trade combinations were allowed.

Freedom of the press was secured in Work was begun on an imperial civil code , which finally extended to all Germany in Particularly important was the establishment of municipal autonomy in This freed the towns from the control of the Landrat usually a large landowner and cleared the way for the development of local government, in which Germany led the world.

The conflict began after the First Vatican Council of had declared the infallibility of the pope. Some leading German Roman Catholics, known as Old Catholics , opposed this decree, and the church demanded that the German states dismiss all Old Catholic teachers.

Thus a struggle began over the clerical control of education and soon turned into a general attack on the independence of the Roman Catholic Church.

The conflict was also political. The German Roman Catholics were anti-Prussian both by tradition and by geography. As the struggle developed, the Roman Catholics strengthened their political organization, the Centre Party , and this party cut across class and state lines.

The Centre was, in fact, the first mass party of imperial Germany, though it could never win a majority.

He abolished the special section in the Prussian ministry which dealt with Roman Catholic affairs, made marriage an exclusively civil proceeding, and insisted on a state degree before a priest was appointed to a benefice.

When the church excommunicated all Old Catholic teachers, Bismarck answered by expelling the Jesuits from Germany.

The church only increased its resistance. The clergy refused to appear before the state courts or to pay the fines which were imposed.

They were expanded in further measures promoted by Adalbert Falk , the Prussian minister of ecclesiastical affairs, in and By then it was clear that Bismarck would not achieve victory.

The Old Catholics carried no weight, and even many Protestants, particularly among the Junkers, disliked this attack on religious teaching.

Though Bismarck still allowed the struggle to continue, he put increasing responsibility on Falk and thus made it easy to distance himself from it when the time came for a change of course.

The conflict also served a purpose in foreign policy. The danger of an ultramontane bloc had disappeared, if it had ever existed, and here too the way was open for a change of course.

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